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Privacy Reporting for iOS 14 readiness
Privacy Reporting for iOS 14 readiness

Prepare for iOS 14 with App Tracking Transparency insights

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Beginning with iOS 14, Apple will begin phasing in a requirement that mobile apps, including games, prompt users to decide if they want to opt out of advertiser tracking.

This feature, known also as App Tracking Transparency, or ATT, means that an app is collecting the IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) of the user, and that advertisers can follow that IDFA as they visit different apps.

In your Unity Operate Dashboard, we provide a report where you can review the percentage of of users who have enabled ATT, and compare the eCPMs of those users versus those who have not enabled ATT.

Click See More for detailed breakdown by Project/Game.

Note: While it’s important to note that Apple has not yet enforced App Tracking Transparency framework for iOS 14, this report is meant to help publishers prepare. Until Apple enforces ATT, the data that you will see is preliminary, based on limited sample sizes, and might not be a true indicator of performance following Apple’s enforcement of the ATT framework of iOS 14.

For detailed technical information on the Privacy Report, visit the Unity Knowledge Base.

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