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Bid Guidance for Install Campaigns (Beta)
Bid Guidance for Install Campaigns (Beta)

A guide to using Bid Guidance to help scale your campaigns

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Bid Guidance is a new Beta feature that gives advertisers insights into how campaign performance may change when changes are made to the bids. With bid guidance, you receive tailored insights into the growth potential of your campaigns. Using historical performance data, our algorithms estimate the potential to grow your campaigns even faster.

How do I use it?

Bid Guidance is a call to action button located in the Countries & Bids section of the Campaign Details page, above the bids. Bid Guidance is only available for country bids, not source bids.

After clicking the button, the top 5 recommendations will appear. You can accept some or all of them by ticking the boxes on the left, and then clicking on the "Accept X changes" button on the bottom right corner.

If you want to see recommendations for all country bids in the campaign (not just the top 5), you can choose "Show all recommendations" in the selector in the top right corner. If the recommendations we have at the moment are not estimating large growth potential, then the top 5 recommendations view will be empty, but you can always click on the See all recommendations at any time.

A recommendation is not shown for bids that do not have sufficient data to make the estimation..

How does it work?

In the Beta version, the bid recommendations are always a static 15% higher than the current bid. The estimated starts, if the recommended bid is implemented, is calculated based on data from the campaign's performance over the past 7 days, and are always tailored to the specific bid in the specific campaign on the specific day.

If you see a projected number of starts that seems unreasonably high, check if the campaign typically hits its daily cap very early in the day. If that is the case, the bids are not the limiting factor in the campaign's success and the daily cap should be increased before increasing the bids. It is also possible to see unrealistically high estimations if the campaign has source bids that are very different from the country bids, as Bid Guidance only works on the level of country bids.

If 15% of the current bid is less than $0.01, the smallest raise in bids we currently allow, Bid Guidance will always round the recommendation up to the closest $0.01. In very low bids the accuracy of the estimations may deteriorate.

The Beta version works in Install (static CPI) campaigns only. Audience Pinpointer ROAS campaigns are planned to be included at a later date.

How does it not work?

Even though the recommendations are highly tailored, it is always based on past data and can never predict the future 100%. The feature also can't take into account factors outside of the past performance, like changes caused by seasonality such as Christmas, or a surprising change in competition, such as a new release from a competitor. The projected starts are an estimate.

Note: The projections provided are estimates of performance and are not guaranteed. The performance of your campaigns will be based on your particular circumstances and a multitude of different factors, some of which may be outside of your and/or Unity’s control. Your actual campaign performance may vary.

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