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How do I create and start a campaign?
How do I create and start a campaign?

Create a user acquisition campaign to grow your mobile app's audience

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To create a new campaign for your app from the Growth dashboard, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Apps from the secondary navigation menu.

  2. Select the app to create a campaign for.

  3. On the app’s Campaigns page, select Create.

  4. Select a campaign goal. The default campaign type includes Installs. For more information, see the section on campaign goals.

  5. Select Next to begin creating the campaign.

  6. Name your campaign. Use a format that includes the app name, platform, and targeted region for clarity (for example, TrashDash_iOS_Tier1).

  7. Select Create.

After you create a campaign, its status appears on the Campaigns page for the associated app. Each campaign requires three minimum components to activate:

Note: A campaign must contain at least one approved creative pack to go live.

When your campaign meets the requirements in the preceding list, return to the campaign status section and select Go live with your campaign to activate it.

Unity Ads offers several campaign types. Campaigns that are optimized towards a certain quality (ROAS and Retention) require additional data (post-install events) to become available for creation. For more information about campaign types and their eligibility criteria, see Create campaigns.

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