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What types of campaign optimization can I use?
What types of campaign optimization can I use?

Learn more about different types of user acquisition campaign types

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Different advertising campaigns might have different goals. The default campaign type optimizes for app installs, but you can also create campaigns that optimize for retention (which target users who are likely to stay in your game for seven or more days) or revenue (which target users who are likely to spend money and/or watch ads in your game). Choosing the right goal is the first step in creating an effective campaign.

  • Install campaigns

This campaign’s goal is to generate as many installs for your app as possible.

  • Audience Pinpointer campaigns: Retention and ROAS

To enable Return on Ad Spend or Retention campaign goals, you must pass post-install events to Unity and run an Installs campaign until you meet eligibility criteria. We support post-install event passing through the Unity Ads SDK or selected MMP integrations. For more information, see Audience Pinpointer campaigns.

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