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What should I know about creatives?
What should I know about creatives?

Learn more about ad creatives for your marketing campaigns with Unity

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Creative pack types and technical requirements

Creatives play an important role in the success of your campaigns and can affect their conversion rate.

Unity Ads allows the use of the following types of creative assets:

  • Video - A viewable, rich format ad.

  • End card - End cards display at the end of an ad. They typically include a call to action for users, such as downloading the advertised product. End cards can be an image or playable (interactive) format.

  • Playable ad - An interactive ad. For example, a playable ad could allow users to play an interactive demo of a game.

You can arrange the different types of creative assets in three types of creative packs which are assigned to campaigns:

  • A video ad with an end card

  • A playable ad

  • A video ad with a playable end card

Upload creatives

To upload multiple video and end card images from the Growth dashboard, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Apps page, select the app that you want to associate with the creatives you are uploading.

  2. Select Apps > Creatives.

  3. From the Creatives page, select Upload.

  4. Drag and drop your creative files or browse your computer to find and upload the required creatives.

  5. Select Assign language to set a language for all creatives, or if the language differs per creative, set a language for each creative individually.

  6. Select Upload.

  7. Select Back to Creatives to return to the Creatives page.

Manage uploaded creatives

Use the Creatives page to track your creatives and their moderation status. Use the search bar to look for a particular creative asset. Use the eye icon to preview creatives.

To add creatives to multiple apps at once, use the Creatives Upload page.

Creative pack moderation

All new creative packs undergo a human moderation process when their associated campaigns go live for the first time. Moderators ensure that creatives follow Unity's advertising content policies.

To learn more about the creative moderation process, see Creative pack moderation.

Test creative packs

You can test how your creatives perform on a real device with the Ad Testing for Unity Ads App, which is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To get started, download the test app for the appropriate platform:

After the app is installed, follow the instructions within the app. Select Show QR code to test how the ad appears on a mobile device.

For more information, see our documentation on creatives.

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