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How do I optimize campaigns?
How do I optimize campaigns?

Tips to optimize your marketing campaigns with Unity

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Use the following tips to help optimize your campaigns.

  • Create strong creative packs and do not forget to rotate your creatives to attract new audiences.

A creative pack that resonates with your target audience is the biggest factor for boosting your conversion rate. Conversion rate is one of the most important measures that Unity’s algorithm uses to determine your ad ranking, and thus your visibility and performance in the network. Because users eventually experience ad fatigue when exposed to the same video trailer over and over again, this can contribute to a decline in conversion rate. We recommend that you refresh the creative packs that you use in your campaigns; for example: try new types of creative packs, concepts, and creative asset lengths.

  • Review your campaign targeting.

    • Launch your campaign in new countries.

    • Do not forget to exclude underperforming publishers.

    • Consider targeting different OS types and device models.

  • Be patient when expecting results.

When modifying campaigns or creatives, allow some time before you react to changes. Algorithms that predict conversion rates generally need three days or more, and Audience Pinpointer D7 Return on Ad Spend or Retention algorithms need nine days or more to digest data and optimize effectively.

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