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Creating a Placement type for in-app bidding
Creating a Placement type for in-app bidding
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Create a Bidding Placement

Note: This feature is currently in closed beta and is only available to some customers. For more information, contact your Unity representative.

Use a Bidding Placement for third-party-mediated projects to receive the most competitive bid for your ad space. Unlike traditional waterfalls, where mediation platforms prioritize ad networks based on manual targets set by the publisher, bidding allows for a fair auction where multiple ad networks can compete in real-time for impressions. The ad network with the highest bid wins the bid request.

Note: Bidding Placements are currently unavailable for the Banner Ad Unit format.

To create a Bidding Placement:

Important: A single Ad Unit cannot include both Bidding and Waterfall Placement types at the same time. We recommend adding a new Ad Unit to create a Bidding Placement type. To create a Waterfall Placement type, we recommend adding a new Ad Unit, archiving the preferred Ad Unit’s Bidding Placement type, or moving the Placement to a different Ad Unit.

  1. On the Unity Monetization Dashboard, select Placements > Add Placement.

  1. Select Bidding and enter the Placement Name.
    Note: You do not need to set up a price or geo target for Bidding Placements.

  2. Select Add Placement.

Managing Placements

On the Placement Management page, select the more menu

next to the preferred Placement to:

  • Edit Placement, including:

    • Placement Name

    • Backfill/auto-eCPM Placement

    • Geo Targeting

  • Archive Placement

Note: You cannot unarchive a Bidding Placement for an Ad Unit that already supports a Waterfall Placement. You also cannot unarchive a Waterfall Placement for an Ad Unit that already supports a Bidding Placement.

  • Change Ad Unit

Note: You can change, or move, a Placement to a different Ad Unit with the same platform. Moving Placements will not change Placement IDs, so you do not need to update the IDs in your mediator.

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